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Stocking filler features

Posted on 20 December 2017 by Roan Lavery - Jump to comments

A festive FreeAgent fireplace

With the festive season looming, we know you’re eagerly anticipating what Christmas will bring. Another pair of comedy sandal socks or something actually useful?

Well, the good news is - you’re on the nice list, and we’ve got a bumper stocking full of mini-featurettes for you, courtesy of your Auntie FreeAgent.

Here’s a roundup of some of our smaller recent product releases, that we hope will have a big impact:

Default payment terms on contacts

Default contact payment terms

You can now set the default payment terms for invoices on a contact-by-contact basis. It’s a real time saver when creating invoices.

Get the lowdown on contact payment terms >

EC Sales List

EC Sales List

If you sell goods and services to businesses in the wider EU (and you’re VAT registered) then you need to send an EC Sales List report to HMRC. We’ve now created a new report which makes this a cinch.

Find out more about EC Sales List >

New security features

On the security front, you can now keep track of the browsers and devices that have been used to access your FreeAgent account, and log out from anything you don’t recognise. You can also see a list of recent login attempts made to your account.

And finally, we made a change which means that if you add an accountant as a user with permission level 8, they will no longer be able to use the Delete All Data option.

Looking ahead to 2018

We’ve got some big features and improvements coming in the new year, including filing for Final Accounts and Corporation Tax, transaction rules for banking, improved reporting and some other really exciting things we can’t share just yet. So there’s lots to look forward to once the turkey coma has subsided.

On a final note, I’d like to thank you for your ongoing support and custom. The positive feedback we get from customers means so much to everyone here and we’re very grateful that you’ve chosen FreeAgent to help you manage your finances.

Have a great festive season,
Roan and the elves at FreeAgent

Improved Guess for transactions

Posted on 13 December 2017 by Roan Lavery - Jump to comments

Our transaction guessing robot

It’s surely only a matter of time before robots take over the world and humanity is ultimately enslaved to a race of mechanical overlords. In the meantime though, let’s enjoy those little productivity gains that automation can bring us!

For instance, take our popular Guess functionality that cleverly explains your bank transactions when you import them into FreeAgent. We’ve just updated this to be even smarter than ever, saving you time in explaining your bank statements.

Guess will now attempt to automatically explain transactions that match open invoices and bills. If FreeAgent detects an open invoice or bill for the same amount as the incoming transaction, and if it’s dated around the same time, the invoice or bill will be marked as paid and the transaction will be explained automatically.

If you’ve never used Guess before then take a look at our help articles to understand how to switch it on and how it works in detail.

We’ve got more automation features coming in the new year to speed up your statement wrangling even further, so that’s something to look forward to while we inch ourselves ever closer to the Matrix.

Don't have nightmares,
Roan and the humans at FreeAgent

Self Assessment filing for 2016/17 is live

Posted on 19 July 2017 by Roan Lavery - Jump to comments

Filing cabinet marked Self Assesssment with completed tax return pages marked filed

You can now file your 2016/17 Self Assessment return to HMRC, well ahead of the January 31st deadline.

You may be tempted to put it off for now, but getting your Self Assessment return out of the way will mean avoiding that lurching feel of guilt and existential despair that usually sets in around January.

It’s basically like getting back to the gym, but with the added bonus of not going to jail.

For our part, we promise to make the whole thing as painless as possible. FreeAgent builds much of your return from the data you enter over the year. When it comes to filing, you just need to check it over and add any other details we don’t know about.

Then file in one click and bask in the moral superiority that you’re a fundamentally better human being.

Until next time,
Roan and the team at FreeAgent

FreeAgent Mobile - now with Bills and Estimates

Posted on 10 July 2017 by Roan Lavery - Jump to comments

Our goal with FreeAgent Mobile is to help you nail those day-to-day admin tasks when you’re on the move, and we’ve just made that easier with new support for bills and estimates.

Mo bills, less problems

Unsurprisingly, you’ll find Bills in the Money Out section of the app where you can now view, create and manage the incurred costs you haven’t paid yet.

Oh and while I’ve got you, if you’re unsure about when to use Bills (don’t worry, people often are) then check out our article on bills, expenses & bank payments. It should clear things up nicely.


Easy estimates

If you find yourself with a potential customer and need whip up an estimate quick smart to win a job or project, then you’ll appreciate this one.

A new Estimates section has been added to the (shock horror) Money In section, where you can create, send and track estimates, right through to approval.

If you aren’t yet using FreeAgent Mobile then you can download that bad boy from the App Store of your choice:

Until next time,
Roan and the team at FreeAgent

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