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Improved data export now available

Posted on 6 June 2018 by Roan Lavery - Jump to comments

A box full of exported data

We’ve made some significant improvements to the export data feature in FreeAgent, meaning you can now easily download all of your data, files and attachments.

No, we’re not trying to get rid of you, but we know how important it is to have full control of your data.

The first big change is that you can now download all of your previously uploaded files, receipt images and attachments. Go to the export all data section in your settings, and you’ll see the new option to download files and attachments. Depending on how many files you’ve uploaded, this can be quite a chunky export, so we’ll email you a download link when it's ready.

We’re also making some changes to our account data export. We know that some of you use the export data option to get numbers into a spreadsheet for ninja-level reporting purposes, so we’re adding even more data to this export.

You can find out more about exporting your data over on our Knowledge Base.

Oh, and one more thing

We recently introduced the ability to ‘hide’ users in your FreeAgent account.

Data from hidden users will still affect your accounts but you can hide them so they no longer appear in most drop-downs and lists. Which keeps everything nice and tidy.

Our Knowledge Base explains everything.

Until next time,

Roan and the team at FreeAgent

Revolut x FreeAgent integration is now live

Posted on 31 May 2018 by Roan Lavery - Jump to comments

FreeAgent and Revolut logos

Are you a customer of Revolut? If so, we have some good news - their FreeAgent bank feed integration is now live.

This integration lets Revolut customers link up their bank account with FreeAgent, pushing transactions into their FreeAgent account roughly every 4-6 hours. From there, these transactions can be reconciled as normal.

To set up the integration, just tap ‘Connect’ on the main screen of the Revolut app, and then select FreeAgent. If you need any help with this, please contact the Revolut team directly.

We hope this integration will be a big time saver for any of our customers who use Revolut. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting bank feed functionality improvements in the future.

All the best,

Roan and the team

Say howdy to late payment Insights

Posted on 29 May 2018 by Roan Lavery - Jump to comments

Late payment of invoices is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today, and getting customers to pony up on time can often feel like a wild west showdown.

Well, we reckon we’ve just introduced two new features that’ll help you understand which of your customers are the nice prompt-paying kind, and who needs chasing down like a no-good varmint.

Invoice Payment panel

When you view a contact you’ll see a new Invoice Payments panel at the side, which shows how late or early (by jingo!) they tend to pay invoices.

Invoice Payment panel

This shows the ‘days beyond terms’ which is calculated by looking at the last 12 months of paid invoices and checking how many days after their due date they were settled.

Find out more about the Invoice Payments panel over on our Knowledge Base.

Late payment Insight

Along with the Invoice Payments panel we’re also releasing a brand new late payment Insight.

The late payment Insight in FreeAgent

We introduced the new Insights feature a few months back to provide useful information about your business’s health and performance, and we’ve had great feedback so far.

This new Insight lists your top 5 ‘most wanted’ in terms of late payments over the last 12 months, along with a few suggested actions to rustle up payments faster in the future.

We hope that both of these new features give you some extra ammo when you’re fixin’ to chase down those outstanding bounties.

So long partner,

Roan and the posse at FreeAgent

Self Assessment filing for 2017/18 is live

Posted on 26 April 2018 by Roan Lavery - Jump to comments

Filing cabinet marked Self Assesssment with completed tax return pages marked filed

You can now file your 2017/18 Self Assessment return to HMRC, ages ahead of the January 31st deadline.

We’ve launched filing earlier than ever this year, so all you early birds and eager beavers can get it out of the way and get on with other important things, like telling everyone that will listen that you ‘filed your return months ago yeah’.

Beyond the opportunity to dazzle your friends at dinner parties, there are a few advantages to filing your Self Assessment this early, including:

  • reducing your payments on account in July 18 if your liability for 17/18 is less than estimated.
  • getting your mitts on any refund due from HMRC for overpayment of tax - especially relevant for you CIS subcontractors.

Of note this year is the new trading allowance for sole traders on low incomes so check that out.

As ever, FreeAgent is there to do the hard work by building much of your return from the data you enter over the year. When it comes to filing, you just need to check it over and add any other details we don’t know about.

After that, filing to HMRC is a button push away and you can start drafting that social media humblebrag.

Until next time,

Roan and the team at FreeAgent

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