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Introducing Insights!

Posted on 9 April 2018 by Roan Lavery - Jump to comments

Today we’re launching Insights - an innovative new feature to help you understand and run your business more successfully.

Insights are actionable notifications of your business’s performance. They highlight opportunities, signal issues and enable you to make better decisions about your finances. If that sounds a bit complicated, then don’t worry - it’s actually really simple when you see them in action.

Insights overview page

We’re launching two Insights to start with. The first is the top customers Insight, which lists your top five customers over the last six months, in terms of what’s been invoiced. You can click through from the Insight to our recently launched customer sales report, which lets you break down income from all your customers, over different time periods.

The second Insight is for VAT registered businesses and is related to upcoming VAT bills. If it looks like you don’t have enough money in your bank accounts to pay an upcoming VAT bill, you’ll see an Insight notification. This isn’t necessarily a cause for concern - your accounts might not be up-to-date, or you could have other money squirrelled away that we don’t know about.

You can find your Insights by clicking the Insights link at the top right of your FreeAgent account. If you’ve got a new notification you’ll see this highlighted here. Any new Insights will also be displayed on the Overview screen. We're rolling this feature out gradually over the next few weeks, so if you don't have it in your account today, don't worry, it will be there very soon!

We’re really interested to hear what you think about Insights, so please get in touch with any questions or ideas you might have. You can also read more about Insights over on our Knowledge Base.

Over the next few months we’ll roll out more Insights to help you run your business more effectively, so stay tuned.

All the best,

Roan and the team at FreeAgent

Wave hello to Tide

Posted on 30 March 2018 by Roan Lavery - Jump to comments

An abacus with FreeAgent and Tide counters

If you’re a customer of Tide then we’ve got some great news - they’ve just launched a new bank feed integration with FreeAgent.

The new integration allows Tide customers to hook up their bank account to push into FreeAgent transactions on a daily basis. From there, these can be reconciled as normal.

Tide have created a guide to setting up the integration, so take a look if you’re interested.

It’s an exciting time (relatively speaking) in the banking space and new technologies like Open Banking are creating amazing opportunities to better connect banks and financial products like FreeAgent, so keep your eyes peeled for more developments in this area.

All the best,

Roan and the team

Introducing the Customer Sales Report

Posted on 1 February 2018 by Roan Lavery - Jump to comments

Some FreeAgent trophies for your best customers

Knowing your best (and worst!) customers is a key factor in deciding who to do business with in the future.

Today we’re making it easier to see who deserves the red carpet treatment and who gets the one-way ticket to Dumpsville.

The Customer Sales Report has been one of our most requested features, and allows you to see exactly how much income you’ve received from each of your different customers.

You can slice and dice this data to examine different time periods, compare previous months or years, and see exactly how much income you’ve received from different customers over different time periods.

You can also download this report as a CSV if you get your kicks from spreadsheet wrangling. It takes all sorts.

Find out more about the Customer Sales Report over on our Knowledge Base.

All the best,

Roan and the team at FreeAgent

Stocking filler features

Posted on 20 December 2017 by Roan Lavery - Jump to comments

A festive FreeAgent fireplace

With the festive season looming, we know you’re eagerly anticipating what Christmas will bring. Another pair of comedy sandal socks or something actually useful?

Well, the good news is - you’re on the nice list, and we’ve got a bumper stocking full of mini-featurettes for you, courtesy of your Auntie FreeAgent.

Here’s a roundup of some of our smaller recent product releases, that we hope will have a big impact:

Default payment terms on contacts

Default contact payment terms

You can now set the default payment terms for invoices on a contact-by-contact basis. It’s a real time saver when creating invoices.

Get the lowdown on contact payment terms >

EC Sales List

EC Sales List

If you sell goods and services to businesses in the wider EU (and you’re VAT registered) then you need to send an EC Sales List report to HMRC. We’ve now created a new report which makes this a cinch.

Find out more about EC Sales List >

New security features

On the security front, you can now keep track of the browsers and devices that have been used to access your FreeAgent account, and log out from anything you don’t recognise. You can also see a list of recent login attempts made to your account.

And finally, we made a change which means that if you add an accountant as a user with permission level 8, they will no longer be able to use the Delete All Data option.

Looking ahead to 2018

We’ve got some big features and improvements coming in the new year, including filing for Final Accounts and Corporation Tax, transaction rules for banking, improved reporting and some other really exciting things we can’t share just yet. So there’s lots to look forward to once the turkey coma has subsided.

On a final note, I’d like to thank you for your ongoing support and custom. The positive feedback we get from customers means so much to everyone here and we’re very grateful that you’ve chosen FreeAgent to help you manage your finances.

Have a great festive season,
Roan and the elves at FreeAgent

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