Get your FreeAgent tax and invoicing data in your business banking app

A new expansion of FreeAgent’s innovative integration with NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland and Ulster Bank business accounts means customers can now see their tax calculation and invoice details within their banking app.

We’ve been working closely with the banks to give users a seamless experience by bundling banking and accounting together in one place and giving you easy access to your key financial data. If you use FreeAgent and retain a business bank account with NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland or Ulster Bank, you can now access your tax calculation and insights and view your invoices from within your banking app by connecting to FreeAgent. Here’s what’s new:

Grow your tax confidence 

Take a weight off your mind and be prepared by knowing how much tax you owe and setting aside enough money to cover your upcoming tax bills. Hot off the heels of the release of FreeAgent’s Tax Timeline in the Mettle app, you can now access a real-time view of your: 

  • FreeAgent Tax Timeline of upcoming tax events e.g. submission and filing dates, and payment due dates
  • total tax calculation of outstanding tax liabilities 
  • individual tax calculations by tax type e.g. VAT, Corporation Tax, Income Tax and payroll

View and track your latest invoices

Getting paid is a key factor for keeping your cashflow healthy. With access to your FreeAgent invoicing information in your banking app, you can easily keep track of your finances, what you’re owed and the live status of all your invoices. Now you can:

  • view all of the invoices that you’ve created in FreeAgent
  • view and filter those invoices to see what’s due (or overdue) and when
  • jump into the FreeAgent mobile app with one tap if you need to create and send new invoices

Get started

To start seeing your tax calculation and invoicing data, all you need to do is connect your bank account to FreeAgent. You can do this from a number of areas within your banking app, either from the ‘Tax and Accounting’ screen, payment request screens or via the ‘manage connections’ section if you bank with NatWest. Next, you’ll be prompted to follow a few easy steps to approve the connection. Once you’re done, your tax and invoicing information will be displayed in your banking app.

A free software and banking bundle you’ll love

Did you know that you can get FreeAgent’s award-winning software for free* if you have a business bank account with NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland or Ulster Bank? Find out more about the benefits of the whole perfectly-sized package for your business.

 *Optional add-ons may be chargeable.

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