Delve deeper into your data with our latest integration

If you use FreeAgent and you’re a fan of diving into Excel spreadsheets for a more in-depth look at your financial data, our latest integration could be right up your street!

Schematiq, a Windows-only Excel add-in, makes it easy to view and analyse some of your FreeAgent data in spreadsheets, allowing you to uncover a whole host of fascinating insights about your business.

With the Schematiq integration enabled, you can call up whole sets of data (such as your invoices, projects or tasks) from your FreeAgent account and hold the information in a single cell of an Excel spreadsheet, allowing you to easily manipulate and compare data sets. You can find out more about how the tool works on Schematiq’s website.

A comprehensive help file and self-tutorial suite are shipped with Schematiq to help you find your way around. There are also two templates to help you perform the following functions once you’re up and running with the FreeAgent integration:

  • combining all monthly Trial Balance reports for a specific year in a single cell
  • combining all timeslips for a specific FreeAgent user in a single cell

Any Excel worksheets that you create using the Schematiq integration will be automatically updated with your activity in FreeAgent, so there’s no need to import new information manually.

If you already use Schematiq, you can set the integration up by following the instructions in this tutorial.

If you’re a FreeAgent customer and you’d like to give Schematiq a try, the discount code ‘FA3’ allows you to subscribe to its Commercial edition for the special price of £10 per month (usually £15 per month) or the Personal Pro edition for £2 per month (usually £3 per month). You can find out more about the integration here.

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