FreeAgent and Payroll Real-time Information (RTI) Update

Back in November we wrote about the forthcoming changes to the way employers report Pay-as-you-Earn (PAYE) information - from April 2013 payroll information needs to be sent electronically every month into the HMRC’s new RTI system. It’s a big change to the PAYE system but it’s a change for the better we reckon.

It also requires big changes to FreeAgent's current Basic Payroll tool, to revise the way payroll is managed and also to handle the RTI submissions themselves. But we're pleased to report that work is well underway and we're on track to deliver in time for everyone to file for their April payrun. We’re really sure that having a built-in payroll system, one that really feels part of FreeAgent, makes a big difference to our customers.

As we mentioned before, we’re extending our API to allow other payroll software providers to push payroll accounting data into FreeAgent, so if your payroll needs are more complex than our Basic Payroll handles you’re still covered. We’ll make a separate announcement soon about which products will be available.

So if payroll floats your boat (and we’ll be honest, it floats ours) we’ll give you a peek under the covers of the changes to FreeAgent Basic Payroll as the deadline gets closer. Can’t wait!

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