FreeAgent Update - Release Medoc

About This Week

We're busy behind the scenes getting our Invoice Gallery ready for release next week.

With that and the Easter Holiday here in the UK (yes, we very occasionally have time off), we've just got just a couple of small announcements this week:

FreeAgent Spotlight

We love hearing stories about freelancing and business experiences, whether positive & optimistic or wince-inducing & embarrassing (and who hasn't been there?).

So we're starting a fortnightly series here on our blog The Central called FreeAgent Spotlight, where we chat with some of our users about their work, how and why they started freelancing, the best and worst of working for yourself.

It's a great opportunity for you to tell your story and maybe indulge in a little self-promotion!

Get in touch if you're interested in participating. We'll be crediting a month's FreeAgent subscription for each Spotlight we publish.

Bits and Pieces

We've improved the following bits and pieces:

  • Universal accounts: Added 'Licenses and Permits' to the bank explanation and out-of-pocket expense categories.
  • UK accounts: Fixed a problem with creating a payroll (an extra payslip is no longer added).
  • Allowed FreeAgent to recognize bank transfers even if the credit is before the debit (by up to 3 days, as sometimes happens with Paypal accounts).
  • Allowed the same email address to be used across several FreeAgent accounts, so that for example your accountant can handle more than one FreeAgent client.
  • Fixed a problem with long invoice comments not wrapping properly.

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