FreeAgent Update - Release Morgon

What We're Up To

We've been busy building stuff under the covers this week, so just a few tweaks to report. However we thought we'd let you in on some of our plans for forthcoming releases.

First the Tweaks

  • Added a new Explanation/Expense category 'Cell Phone' (or 'Mobile Phone' for UK accounts)
  • Added the facility to download a 'decode' of Trial Balance nominal codes (for Accountants).
  • UK: Added a note to details of UK VAT Returns for which the Flat Rate Scheme initial discount applies.

Now the Plans

Of course, 'no plan survives contact with the enemy' (as we like to refer to our esteemed users here at FreeAgent Central ;0), but here are the things we're actively working on right now:

  • The Public Beta of our Application Programming Interface (API).
  • A gallery of cool, professional Invoice designs for you to use, together with the ability to specify your own designs.
  • Recurring Out-of-Pocket Expenses.
  • UK Accounts: Improvements to UK Payroll flexibility.
  • UK Accounts: Comprehensive 'real' Balance Sheet.
  • More tools for your Accountant to easily extract key numbers and transactions.

Here's what's further off, but definitely happening:

  • A Customizable Overview (reorder, add and remove panels) and new Client & Profit-and-Loss Summary panels.
  • User Interface update, including extensive, streamlined 'edit-in-place' and 'add-in-place' tools.
  • 'Flags' and 'Comments' to share with your accountant.
  • 'Paid with Thanks' and 'Overdue' rubber-stamps on invoices.
  • Customizable Category Lists.
  • A 'Use of Home as Office' expense Wizard.
  • FreeAgent-wide Search.
  • Estimates/Quotes.
  • Progressively, Tax forecasting support (for each of the various company legal structures) for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa and the US. That should keep us busy ;->

These are just the main items, and we're always open to suggestions - about half the features shown above were suggested by users and we're sure there are plenty more good ideas out there!

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