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Moving to FreeAgent payroll

It's been fantastic to see so many people loving our new RTI compliant payroll, but if you wanted to switch to us part way through the year it wasn't possible — until now.

Thankfully, you can now move from another payroll system to FreeAgent at any point in the year by adding the 'year-to-date' figures from your previous system when you create payroll profiles for your staff. You can get all the details in our guide to Moving to FreeAgent Payroll.

Stripe integration

Did you know that people who use our online payment portal get paid faster on average than those who don't?

We've now added Stripe to the list of possible payment options, which means your clients can now pay invoices by credit or debit card, in addition to PayPal, Dwolla and GoCardless bank transfer. To get started head to Settings > Stripe and connect to your existing Stripe account or create a new one. Read our guide to receiving invoice payments with Stripe.

Stripe set up

Easier invoice searching

We've introduced a new way to select invoices when you're explaining bank transactions. The previous drop down list was a bit unwieldy if you had lots of unpaid invoices so we've replaced this with a smarter search mechanism.

Easier invoice searching

Just start typing in the box to filter your invoices and then select the right one. You can search by invoice reference, contact name or invoice amount. We think this is a very useful new feature so you'll see it popping up in a few other places around FreeAgent.

New invoice theme

While we're on the subject of invoices, say hello to Modernist: a new invoice theme so beautifully simple and functional it could have been designed by Dieter Rams himself.

Modernist invoice theme

To try out the new template either select the Theme from the Invoice page or set it as your default theme from the Invoice Gallery in Settings.

Changes to data exports

We've made a few changes to the way data exports are handled, to help people who have lots of data in their account.

One Data Export on its way

Now when you export data, we set a small team of FreeAgent Fairies to work assembling your export file. Once they've finished their magic, they'll drop the export into your Files area and send you an email.

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