The complete guide to starting a business in the UK

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How to start a business in 6 simple steps

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Getting started

How to write a business plan in 10 easy steps

So you need a business plan - but how do you actually write one? Our step-by-step guide to writing a startup business plan will walk you through it.

Sole trader or limited company: which is best for you?

Should you run your business as a sole trader or limited company? Find out which structure is the best fit for you.

The stress-free guide to registering as a sole trader

Decided to set up as a sole trader? Here’s a quick guide to the simple rules you have to follow when you set out in business.

10 steps for setting up a limited company

Decided to form a limited company? This guide explains everything you need to do to get set up.

How to register a business name in the UK

Learn how to register your business in the UK as a limited company, LLP, sole trader, partnership or overseas company.

Accounting basics for new business owners

Five tips for finding the perfect accountant for your business

Looking to hire an accountant to help with your business finances? Here are some tips to help with your search.

How to create a great bookkeeping system in just an hour a week

When you run a business it pays to keep on top of your finances. To help you do that, here’s a simple guide to managing your books efficiently.

A six-step introduction to managing your day-to-day expenses

You’ll soon find that your business expenses add up quickly! Learn how to get on top of them right from the start.

What does a great invoice look like?

Learn how to write an invoice that helps you get paid faster with this quick and easy formula.

How to calculate your business income for Self Assessment

Find out what income you need to pay tax on - as well as the income you don’t.

Paying next year's tax bill in advance - don't get caught out!

'Payments on account' often catch business owners out, especially those in their first year. Here’s everything you need to know.

Registering for VAT - what you need to know

Do you need to register your new business for VAT? Find out in this guide.

Measuring success

How to make a cashflow forecast

What is a cashflow forecast and why should you make one for your business? Learn more in this guide which includes a free cashflow forecasting template.

How to set better small business goals

Discover how approaching goals from a different angle could work for you.

Learn the lingo

Accounting glossary

Learn all about the accounting and bookkeeping terms you need to know when you start a new business in the UK on our accounting glossary.

Tax rates

Get the UK tax rates that apply to you

Know how much tax you have to pay with this up-to-date guide to the current UK tax rates.

Other Topics

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