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Roan Lavery

CEO, Co-founder

Give krill a chance

Like living ecosystems, products are full of many interdependent components. Sure, you’ve got your flashy crowd-pleasing animals like the humpback whale, duck-billed platypus or unicorn, but spare a thought for all the little critters like the Antarctic krill, who tirelessly underpin the entire food chain without hogging the spotlight.

It’s the same with product features. While everyone is getting excited about the next big feature, we shouldn’t forget the contribution of the small but mighty product improvements that make your day-to-day FreeAgent experience that bit more inhabitable. So, let’s raise a glass to some of our recent small but mighty creature-features:

Invoice email improvements

“But I never received that invoice!” is basically the “dog ate my homework’ of late payment excuses, but sometimes it can actually be true.

The new bounced email notification feature will let you know when an invoice hasn’t arrived, by sending you an email when we detect an email delivery failure. This way you can quickly correct any mistakes, or contact the customer directly to see what’s up.

New security features

We’ve added a couple of new security notifications so when your account password or email address change we’ll send you an email, just in case it wasn’t you 😱

We’ll do the same thing when your account data is reset.

Re-ordering your FreeAgent invoices

And finally, you can now change the ordering of your FreeAgent invoices in the Billing area so your most recent invoice can be seen first, removing the need to scroll.

Let’s hear it for the krill!

Roan and the team at FreeAgent

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