New features to help you get paid faster

Roan Lavery

CEO, Co-founder

New features to help you get paid faster

If you’ve ever experienced the stress, anxiety and simmering rage of customers paying late then you’ll love our new features to help you get paid faster. And your blood pressure might thank us too.

One-off invoice reminders

Our automated invoice reminder feature has always been a popular choice for hands-free payment chasing but sometimes getting paid on time requires that personal touch.

You can now send one-off reminders for overdue invoices. From the invoice overview page simply select (or smash in incandescent fury depending on your mood) the ‘Send now’ option on any overdue invoice to immediately send an email reminder to the customer. Then breathe.

Find out more about the new one-off payment reminders over on our Knowledge Base.

Redesigned Monday Motivator

If you do have any overdue invoices at the start of the week, you’ll now see this called out in the recently redesigned Monday Motivator email.

The email also includes the Admin To-Do List, which is helping many of you stay on top of those little bookkeeping tasks in FreeAgent.

Insights on mobile

Finally, we’ve updated the Radar screen on our iOS and Android apps. These now show your tailored Insights along with the Admin To-Do List, so you can keep your finger on the pulse while simultaneously taking in the big picture. Which sounds more difficult than it really is.

We hope these improvements will help you in the ongoing fight against late payments. Stay tuned for more updates like these in the future.

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