What is Maternity Allowance?

Definition of Maternity Allowance

Maternity Allowance is a weekly payment from the government which is available to some women who are pregnant or have just given birth. It’s usually paid to you if you don’t qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay. You can claim for Maternity Allowance as soon as you’ve been pregnant for 26 weeks and payments can start 11 weeks before your baby is due.

You can use the UK Government’s maternity entitlement calculator to check your eligibility.

Maternity Allowance is paid every two or four weeks and is:

  • £145.18 a week or 90% of your average weekly earnings.
  • £27 a week for 39 weeks.
  • £27 a week for 14 weeks.

Receiving Maternity Allowance will not affect your tax credits but could impact other benefits such as Council Tax Reduction, Housing Benefit and Universal Credit.

You’ll need an MA1 claim form to receive Maternity Allowance and you should get a decision on your claim within 24 working days.

Check out our Maternity pay for self-employed mothers guide for more useful information for self-employed mums.

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