Announcing our new partnership with Mettle

Roan Lavery
CEO, Co-founder

We’re really excited to be launching a game-changing partnership with Mettle, the new digital business account by NatWest.

As part of this new partnership, anyone signing up and using Mettle is entitled to get their FreeAgent account completely free of charge. Mettle accounts themselves are also completely free of charge so it’s a great combination for small businesses and freelancers. You’ll need to have at least one transaction per month going through the Mettle account to qualify for this offer.

Mettle accounts are suitable for:

  • sole traders and limited companies with up to two owners
  • accounts with balances of up to £100K
  • companies based in the UK

To take advantage of the offer, first download the Mettle mobile app from the iOS or Google Play app stores and go through the Mettle account application process.

If you’re not currently a FreeAgent customer, navigate to the ‘Connections’ area in the Mettle app once your account is open to set up your FreeAgent account.

If you’re an existing FreeAgent customer, follow the steps in our Knowledge Base article to set up the integration between FreeAgent and Mettle.

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