Little improvements that will spark joy

Roan Lavery
CEO, Co-founder

One of our resolutions this year is to continue giving FreeAgent a cleaner and leaner look. Alongside doing a bit of spring cleaning, we’ll also be tackling some long-standing user niggles and frustrations.

So to kick things off, here are a few recently-released little improvements that we hope will spark joy amongst your daily admin.

New tabs in the Contacts section

First off, the Contacts section has been given a new lease of life with the inclusion of new tabs for bills and recurring invoices.

Revamped contact page

Previously, you had to go rummaging about in various places to find these, but now everything related to each contact is all neatly packaged in one easy-to-access place. Bliss.

Statement of Account - now with bank account details

Of course, all of your customers always pay their invoices promptly and without any nudging, that goes without saying. On the off chance, however, that you occasionally do need to remind a late payer, this next feature might help.

Any Statement of Account sent to customers now includes your bank details, as a small passive-aggressive reminder to encourage payment. #justsaying

Statement of account

Timesheet improvements

We’ve made a couple of improvements to the Time Tracking area:

  • You can now export your timesheet reports as CSV files! Perfect for slicing and dicing that data in the spreadsheet software of your choosing
  • You can now filter the Timeslips view by user, so you can see exactly how hard everyone is working

Timesheet improvements

Finally, we’ve updated the search facility in FreeAgent so this now returns both unexplained and explained transactions. Perfect for when you’re catching up on a backlog of unexplained transactions and want to match them up with receipts.

Unexplained transactions in search

That’s all the mini improvements for now. Feel free to get back to alphabetically organising your socks and we’ll be in touch soon with more little features to spark joy in your daily admin.

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