FreeAgent - Now with added Bills Tracking goodness!

Ed Molyneux


Track Bills

You can now use FreeAgent to track Bills from your Suppliers as well as your own Invoices to Clients.

Bills cover anything you buy for the business but don't need to pay for straightaway.

You can keep track of who you owe, and when they're expecting payment.

When you do pay them, you add a Bank Entry or explanation as a Bill Payment and assign it to that bill.

When you create a bill you can enter both a Bill Date and a Due Date, assign it to a Contact and specify the Type (like you would with Expenses or Bank Entries).

Bills can also have attachments - handy for storing those scanned or PDF versions of the originals.

And of course Bills are comprehensively handled by our accounting engine, including the sales tax or for our UK users all the various flavours of VAT.

Soon we'll be adding an Overview panel for Open and Overdue Bills and after that we'll also be starting to pull together our Invoice, Tax and Bills timelines in cool ways. Nice.

Clients become Contacts

As you'll notice from above, you can now manage both Suppliers and Clients.

In FreeAgent these are now collectively called Contacts, and we've updated FreeAgent to allow you to choose from a new Card view as well as the existing List view.

We've also updated the main page for each Contact to show all the Invoices, Invoice Receipts, Bills and Bill Payments in a single Account History.

Streamline and Simplify

In the recent months we've been adding quite a lot of new features to FreeAgent to make sure you have all the tools you need to manage your business as a freelancer.

But we appreciate the way they're currently organized may not be the best. Too many Tabs.

So the team are thinking really hard about how we can re-organize things to streamline and simplify FreeAgent, based on the ways you really work, and you'll start to see the results of that in the coming weeks.

Don't forget you can have your say on this topic, on Bills, Contacts - or anything else that's on your mind - at our Customer Service site Get Satisfaction

Look forward to seeing you there!


This week we have also:

  • Added those sweet traffic lights to the invoices listed on on the Overview panel.
  • Fixed an issue where Universal accounts could sometimes see UK Payroll screens, leading to errors.
  • Fixed a problem caused by FreeAgent not storing timeslip hours accurately enough when entered as [hh:mm].
  • Made some large improvements under-the-hood to our accounting engine to enhance performance.
  • Fixed an issue where the Overview Mini-P&L panel showed retained profit with the wrong sign.

Best wishes,
Ed & The Team at FreeAgent Central.

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