FreeAgent Update - Release Pollino

Ed Molyneux

Release 'Pollino'

More industrial-strength accounting goodness this week, with the addition of support for Accounting Journal entries. And more besides. Read on.

Accounting Journal Entries

Despite our best efforts to cater for everyone's business situation, there are some occasions when a little tweaking and correction here and there are needed.

The standard accounting-y way of doing this is with Journal Entries - direct entries into the guts of the accounts.

Your accountant (or you, although it's not recommended for the faint-hearted) can now add, edit and remove journal entries at Accounting > Journal Entries.

Salary and Payroll Taxes Expenses

You can now handle Salary and Payroll Taxes expenses directly as explanations of bank transactions, rather than via the FreeAgent payroll.

To prevent confusion, we don't show these as payment explanation options unless you're on a Universal account, or if you have no payslips in FreeAgent.

Bugs Squished

  • Fixed a problem which occurred when explaining bank account transfers, the linked explanation not appearing in the correct account.
  • Removed users who aren't directors, owners or shareholders from the Owners' Equity section of the Balance Sheet.

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