What is Corporation Tax liability?

Definition of Corporation Tax liability

Corporation Tax is a tax that limited companies, and some other organisations like clubs and societies, must pay to HMRC on their profits. A liability is the obligation to pay this tax.

Corporation Tax must be paid to HMRC by 9 months and 1 day after the company's accounting year end.

The company must also file a Corporation Tax return with HMRC, showing how much turnover (sales) it has made in the year, how much profit, and how the tax is worked out. This must also have a copy of the company's accounts attached.

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The Corporation Tax return doesn't have to be filed until 12 months after the company's accounting year end - but because the tax has to be paid sooner than that, most Corporation Tax returns are filed early!


For example, a company that prepares accounts to 31st March each year must pay its Corporation Tax by 1st January the following year.

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