What is a Government Gateway user ID?

Definition of a Government Gateway user ID

A Government Gateway user ID is a series of up to 12 characters that you use alongside your password to access the UK government’s secure online services, including the HMRC portal.

In the past, your user ID authorised access to the Government Gateway, but this was closed and substituted with replacement services in March 2019. However, your Government Gateway ID is still active and can be used to access these government services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need to register for a Government Gateway user ID?

If you don’t already have a Gateway user ID, you won’t need to register for one. Instead, register for a unique user ID on the government service you’d like to access. Gov.uk provides a list of these services and guidance on how to access them.

What happens if I forget my user ID number?

It depends which government service you’re trying to access. Just follow the instructions provided on the relevant login page. For HMRC you can no longer recover your ID number online - instead you’ll need to contact their customer service department.

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