5 ways PayPal Here can help your business

In case you missed the big news, we’re the first online accounting system in the UK to integrate with PayPal Here - the mobile Chip and PIN card reader from PayPal that lets you get paid quickly in person.

So to celebrate the news, and to give you a little more information about what it’s all about, here are five ways that PayPal Here can make it easier to take payments.

Get paid in person using your mobile or tablet

If you want to take payments in person but have been put off by the hassle of hiring equipment from your bank, PayPal Here makes the whole process quicker and simpler by turning your mobile or tablet into your point of sale device. Use the PayPal Here Chip & PIN card reader (a one-off payment of £69.95 plus transaction charges) and the free PayPal Here mobile app to accept card payments there and then.*

Give your customers payment choice

Accepting card payments when everyone else only accepts cash helps you differentiate your business. Using the PayPal Here card reader and app, you can offer your customers a choice of payments: they can pay you with their debit or credit card, PayPal account, and of course still in trusty cash.

No subscription fees

Many fixed terminal machines charge a set-up and monthly subscription fee for ongoing use of their hardware or services, on top of their fee per transaction. With the PayPal Here card reader and app, you pay an upfront one-off cost for the card reader, then a fee per transaction*. So you only pay when you use it.

Record everything directly into FreeAgent

As a FreeAgent customer, you can now use PayPal Here to accept credit card and debit payments in person for the invoices that you create - and then have the payments you receive recorded directly into your FreeAgent account. That means you won’t have to spend unnecessary time manually inputting data and consolidating your accounts.

More time to grow your business

Because all your PayPal Here transactions are automatically imported into FreeAgent, you won’t have to spend ages on data entry and bookkeeping. By saving time on admin you’ll be able to focus on finding new customers, winning new projects and growing your business - what’s not to like about that?

Need more information? Then hop over to the PayPal Here website and check out the full range of features (www.paypal.co.uk/here).

*One-off payment of £69.95 plus transaction charges. PayPal Here is subject to terms and application approval and fees apply. No monthly fees. Transaction fees apply: 2.75% per Chip and PIN transaction, and 3.40% + 20p per transaction for card payments made by swiping the magnetic stripe or manually keying in the card details and PayPal payments.

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