Case study: How I use FreeAgent’s integration with Timestamp

Will Richardson is the founder and CEO of Green Element, an environmental management consultancy that helps companies manage their impact on the environment.

Accounting software to support my growing business

In the past, I relied on spreadsheets to keep track of my business finances. In the short term this approach worked reasonably well, but as my business started to grow, I knew it wouldn’t be sustainable. I believe in laying down good foundations for the future and I could see that FreeAgent would both accommodate and support my business as it grew.

All the information I need - at my fingertips

FreeAgent gives me a really comprehensive understanding of how my business is doing and what my up-to-date figures are - information that’s vital for any business owner. The software pulls together everything I need to know in a really clear and concise way, giving me ready access to vital data such as my profit and loss report and monthly sales figures.

FreeAgent also enables me to take care of daily admin like tracking expenses and managing invoices without having to spend endless hours on it. As a result, I’m completely on top of my business bookkeeping, and this frees my accountant up to advise me on broader, more complex issues. In fact, I now see my accountant more as a consultant to the business than a traditional number cruncher.

Making the most of my data with FreeAgent’s integration with Timestamp

As an environmental management consultancy with a team of five busy consultants, Green Element has a great deal of projects to manage and an awful lot of time to track! As this kind of information is so valuable to the business, I decided to check out FreeAgent’s integration options to see if I could gain an even deeper insight into my project and time tracking data. I was immediately drawn to Timestamp and became one of their first customers last year.

FreeAgent’s integration with Timestamp allows me to gain a really detailed view of how each of my projects is progressing and whether we’re on track to meet the budget and timeframe requirements set by our clients. Timestamp’s detailed reports are also extremely helpful and provide me with that extra bit of extra insight into what my consultants are spending their time on and how profitable our projects are.

Growing from strength to strength

FreeAgent has helped me take Green Element from strength to strength; I’ve used it since I started out as a sole trader and it’s continued to be a vital business tool for Green Element as we’ve grown into a limited company with a team of consultants. FreeAgent’s integration with Timestamp gives me an incredibly valuable insight into my project and time tracking data, which helps me both run Green Element more effectively and grow the business even further.

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