DIBI - An Afternoon with Startups

DIBI There are a few must-attend events up on the wallplanner here at FreeAgent, although these vary depending on who you ask.

One conference that ticks all the boxes for us is DIBI held in the Newcastle on 7th and 8th June.

DIBI = Design It. Build It, and the particular mix of speakers, topics, strands and delegates makes this a pretty unique and hugely worthwhile experience for all concerned.

This year we’re particularly excited to be one of the key sponsors of a new addition to the DIBI timetable, An Afternoon With... which takes place on the afternoon of 7th June and draws together a few hosts to discuss a particular topic from some interesting angles.

This time round, the topic for “An Afternoon With...” is Startups, a subject very close to our hearts as it’s not so long ago we were setting out in business, and every month we get lots of new customers who have just set out on their own.

We’re also delighted to be joined as sponsors by one of our strategic partners, Freelance World, who know a thing or two about helping businesses get off the ground from day one.

Just to get us even more excited, our very own Roan Lavery is doing a starring turn on the day, presenting his own take on Product Design.

More information can be found at An Afternoon with Startups and if you use the promo code freeagent you can get 10% off the price of tickets.

We hope to see lots of you there.

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