Preparing to innovate at Finovate

The FreeAgent team is out on the road again this month - and among our upcoming events, we’re thrilled to be part of the upcoming 2013 Finovate Europe conference.

It’s a great event to be involved with. Many of the top names in the financial and banking sectors will be in London for the two-day conference, so we’ll be rubbing shoulders some movers and shaker and checking out some of the exciting new financial technology that’s being developed.

And, most importantly of all, FreeAgent will be one of the 60 leading companies presenting at the event.

We can’t reveal too much about what we’ll be presenting at Finovate, but Ed and I are really looking forward to showing the latest developments within FreeAgent - including our recent announcement on Bank Feeds - but also some of our thinking on other ways we can expose meaningful insights on businesses for multiple audiences - including some awesome new ways of reporting business data. It’s the kind of thing that the financial sector is sorely lacking right now, so we’re hoping that we’ll raise a few eyebrows and get people talking when they see what FreeAgent has to offer.

If you’re interested in learning more about the event, check out the Finovate Europe website - and, if you’re going to be attending, remember to stop by and say to hi. We’d love to chat.

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