How to show your customers some love this Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day upon us once again, this is the perfect time to strengthen your relationships with your customers. We all know that winning new clients is important, but making your existing customers happys just as crucial for long-term business success. With this in mind, here are some top tips to help you show your customers some love this Valentine’s Day:

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Have a think about who your very best customers are: the ones who have been with you since the beginning, the ones who champion you on social media, the ones who you do really interesting work with. If you haven’t done anything special for these lovely people lately, now could be the time to show your appreciation. Simply sending a handwritten thank you note can go a long way to letting customers know that you value your relationship with them. You might also want to think about sending them a small gift or offering a discount on your products or services.

Make customers feel involved

Asking your top customers for their input and feedback is a great way of showing that you appreciate them, as well as gaining their valuable insights. You could use an app like Polar to get customers’ opinions on your product or design ideas, for example, or you could send a quick survey to generate some all-important feedback on the customer experience.

Consider introducing a loyalty scheme

How about introducing an initiative to reward your most loyal customers? Perhaps you could offer them a discount or a ‘bonus’ product or service after a certain number of purchases or hours of work. There are many digital alternatives to the traditional ‘stamp card’; you might one to try one of these mobile apps, for example.

Keep your customers in the loop

As we all know, the secret to any great relationship is communication. Expanding your team? Opening a new office? Going global? Brilliant! Let your customers know, and make them feel part of your success story. It’s also important to keep customers in the loop about operational matters that might affect them, like changes to your business’s opening hours or the payment methods you accept. There are lots of ways you can stay in touch with customers: via email or newsletter, through social media, or simply chatting with them face-to-face or on the phone.

Follow these top tips and your customers will love you as much as you love them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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