4 ways to keep your business ticking over while you travel

Sun, sea and… spreadsheets? If that combination just made you feel a tad queasy, then - a) I’m sorry and b) don’t worry.

There is absolutely no need to lug your laptop with you when you head off on holiday, especially if you’re just looking to keep one eye on your business. So when you're next killing time whilst travelling, take a break from the never-ending Insta-scroll and check these satisfying FreeAgent Mobile tasks off your to-do list instead.

1. Explain transactions ✅

Explaining transactions might just be one of the most satisfying things you can do with your phone. For the uninitiated, explaining transactions is a way of categorising all the transactions FreeAgent has pulled through from your bank account.

Categorising your spending like this helps FreeAgent to auto-populate your Self Assessment tax return (which is a HUGE time saver) and helps to build cashflow insights. To explain transactions in the mobile app, simply head to ‘Banking’, and then with just a few swift taps, your transactions will change from a mildly unsettling red, to a lovely, soothing green. Find out more about explaining transactions in our Knowledge Base.


2. Create a bill ✅

The word ‘bill’ might not inspire feelings of joy from most of us, but FreeAgent Mobile is here to change all that.

While you don’t want to be worrying about admin on holiday, it’s still handy to be able to keep on top of what you owe. If you receive a bill, for example from a supplier, you can easily log it in the app, no matter where you are. All you have to do is enter the amount, due date etc, and then it will appear on your ‘Bills’ screen. Done.

Then, when you’re back on home turf, you can view all of your upcoming bills at a glance - no risk of forgetting to pay anyone, no matter how jet lagged you are.


3. Record expenses ✅

There’s nothing worse than a wallet clogged full of old receipts, so why not make room for some exciting new holiday currency instead?

Whip out good old FreeAgent Mobile again, and tap ‘Add a new expense’. From there, you can snap photos of those old business expense receipts that you’ve been clinging onto, and store them digitally in FreeAgent instead. Once finished, you can safely discard those old bits of paper and fill your wallet with something much more exciting. Like Euros, Kuna, Krona, Rupee, Yuan...


4. Create estimates & invoices ✅

Is one of your super keen clients champing at the bit for you to start a new project for them - while you’re just trying to top up your tan? Create an estimate of the work you’re going to do for them in FreeAgent Mobile, and you can email it over without leaving the app. Similarly, if you forgot to fire off an invoice before you began your break, you can take care of that in FreeAgent Mobile too.


Now that you’ve checked in on your business, shouldn’t you be getting back to more important things? Now, where is that sun cream?

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