FreeAgent Update - Release Barbaresco

Just few small changes this week, but we thought we'd let you know what's coming up in the next month or so too.

Read on...

Altering an Invoice Write-off Date

Previously the date that the invoice was considered written-off, for accounting purposes, was the date you selected the 'write-off' button and you couldn't change it.

Now, there is a 'Change write-off date' link next to the write-off date on the invoice page, and you can enter any date that is after the invoice due date.

Tax laws vary, and your accountant may advise you that you can only write-off an invoice after it's been overdue for, say, six months. FreeAgent doesn't enforce rules like that just yet.

Support for AMEX CSV Statements

FreeAgent now accepts statement uploads in the CSV format supplied by AMEX.

Listing FreeAgent Subscription Payments

On your Home > My Account page you can now see a list of all the FreeAgent subscription payments you've made. You can select a payment link to view each FreeAgent invoice and save it as a PDF file if you need a local record.

If you're on a free-trial you won't see this great feature so we would strongly recommend subscribing just so you can!

'Expense Just Added' Reminder

Instead of the 'Expense successfully added' notice which appears after you create an expense, FreeAgent now reminds you what you just added. The idea is to help you remember where you were if you're adding a whole series of expenses (thanks Simon W for the suggestion).

What's Coming Up Next?

No firm dates for these, and there are plenty of the usual minor improvements on the cards, but so you're up-to-date on the Big Stuff:

  • A way to upload scanned receipts and attach them to expenses and explanations.
  • Monthly views of Cash Flow and Profit & Loss.
  • A Mini-P&L panel for the Overview page.
  • A 'Use of Home as Office' Wizard.

Tweaks and Fixes.

Please accept our apologies for the following bugs, which have now been fixed. But also enjoy the small tweaks which make FreeAgent just that bit nicer.

  • Some users had problems adding expenses and explanations because of an error with our web pages. Fixed.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Cost of Sales and Subcontractor Costs being used as Expense categories.
  • Fixed an error which occurred if the 'Expenses by Month' view was selected but there were no expenses yet.
  • Tweaked the address layout on the Union template.
  • Tweaked the look of the Time Tracking calendar.
  • Added correct bank account type icons to the Bank Accounts overview panel.

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