FreeAgent Update - Release Brie

This week we introduce our first support for uploading CSV statements from Cater Allen and Abbey Business, plus some small changes to Invoice Items and PAYE/NI calculations...

Upload CSV Statement Files

We've added support for uploading statement data in CSV (Comma-Separated Variable) format, which is also called 'Spreadsheet' by some banks.

As you might expect, banks tend to have different ways of doing this (well, they wouldn't want to make it too easy, would they?), so we're tackling them progressively.

First up, we have Cater Allen Private Bank (sounds posh, no?) and Abbey Business.

If your bank only allows you to download CSV statements and it's not one of these two, just let us know and we'll get on the case!

Improvements to Invoice items

We now display the 'Quantity' parts of invoice items better - if you did 5 days work for someone, this'll now be displayed as 5 Days (rather than 5.0 Days). Tiny point, I know, but these things are important to us.

Oh, and when you created invoice items from timeslips it used to say 'Time Spent on TaskXY'. A bit clumsy, we thought, so it now just says 'TaskXY'. Same with projects if you don't break out your time by task. It now just says the name of the project. You can always go back in and edit this text if you want, of course.

PAYE/NI Balances Carried between Years

For you Limited Companies out there, running payrolls: FreeAgent didn't used to carry PAYE/NI balances forward between years (Business Taxes > PAYE/NI), which made it hard to see how much you really owed. It does now. 'Nuff said.

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