FreeAgent Update: Double Gloucester

A few small changes this week:

Due Invoices on the Overview Page

Some of our beta testers send lots of invoices, so the list of due and overdue ones on the overview page can be very long. Now only the first five are displayed, and the amount owing on the others is summarised below these.

Creating New Timeslips, Expenses and Mileage

When you add a new timeslip, expense or mileage record, the same values as the last one you entered are used as the initial values, hopefully saving some typing.

'Share Capital' and 'Capital Introduced' Explanations

If you are a Sole Trader, you can enter 'Money Received from User > Capital Introduced' and for a Limited Company there is 'Money Received From User > Share Capital Introduced'. These should be used to explain the appropriate injections of money from you into your company.

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