FreeAgent Update: Codename 'Edam'

Thanks loads to all of you for your feedback so far. More bug squishing has been going on, and we're really starting to get a feel for what we need to get done before we launch publicly.

We're now aiming at producing weekly releases of updates to FreeAgent from now onwards. The first is codenamed 'Edam'. The more astute among you may discern that there will be a theme to these codenames. Well it was either cheeses or 'Famous Accountants of the 20th Century'; but that didn't bode well for the longevity of the company.

In this release, which was deployed on our server tonight, you will find:

  • An improved 'Getting Started' process, which guides you through the process in a more intelligible way.
  • A fix for the statement upload tool, which was given several users problems when using the Mac Safari browser.
  • Support for assigning an expense as 'Subcontractor Costs', which is essential for many of our testers.

In the next release, 'Gouda', we will probably (but not definitely) include the ability to rebill out-of-pocket expenses to projects.

And don't worry, fans of blue cheeses can look forward to a veritable cornucopia of mouldy delights in the run up to the public launch. Oh yes.

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