FreeAgent Update - Release Leerdammer

A few small post-launch bug-fixes this week - lots going on under the covers again, though...

Rebilling Mileage with VAT

Previously, the numbers weren't quite right when you rebilled mileage to a client if you are VAT-registered. This has now been fixed.

Handling Abbey CSV Files

We now make a sensible stab at interpreting the CSV statements produced by Abbey who, in their wisdom, omit to include the year. If you need to import data from more than 12 months ago, you'll need to explicitly set the year in the file before you upload it. For more info, see this thread on our customer-service site Satisfaction here.

Your First Accounting Year

FreeAgent now correctly handles your first accounting year, which runs from the formation date of the company to the specified 'Accounting Year End' date and may not be exactly one year long.

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