FreeAgent Update - Release Pauillac

Our focus this week has been on getting a solid Universal release out the door.

There's also:

Changes to your FreeAgent Web Address

Everyone's currently logging in to their account at

Although this will continue to work for a couple of months, we're suggesting everyone updates their bookmarks to point to ('.com' instead of ''). We'll remind you again before we disable ''.

It's exactly the same application and data behind both addresses.

Changes to your Referral Badges

All of you who are kindly displaying 'I Love FreeAgent' referral badges on your websites - thanks!

Sorry, but you'll also need to update the referral '' links to say '.com' as well, at some stage.

The updated link text is displayed in full on your Home > Referrals page if you want to just copy and paste it in.

Invoice Timeline Graph

We've improved the clarity of the invoice timeline by changing to a 'stacked' rather than 'side-by-side' presentation of the paid, due and overdue invoices. The total height of the column is the income you got or should have got, and you can see how that's made up.

We think this makes it easier to see how good your clients are at paying, as well as assessing the variation in income by month.

Tweaks and Fixes

We fixed the following issue-ettes:

  • Corporation Tax payment due dates could, in some circumstances, be one day out. Fixed
  • We no longer update the bank account known balances with data from uploaded OFX files, which can cause problems if you subsequently undo that upload.
  • We're better at guessing the date formats in uploaded QIF files, which can be ambiguous.
  • Fixed an issue with exporting your data to Excel if there were multiple lines in certain bits of data

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