FreeAgent Update - Pouilly-Fume, Ask an Expert, Going Solo Leeds

Here's what's new from FreeAgent Central this week:

'Ask an Expert' - in conjunction with Quay Accounting

Ask an Expert

We're really pleased to be launching our 'Ask an Expert' service, hosted on our existing customer service site GetSatisfaction, but backed up by the knowledge and experience of our friends at Quay Accounting.

As the name suggests, you can dive in and ask accounting-related questions of our Experts, and they'll endeavour to provide clear, concise advice.

And it's open and free to everyone, not just FreeAgent subscribers.

Naturally it's not always possible to deal with your specific situation publicly, but if it needs to be taken elsewhere we will endeavour to respond online with general advice as well.

So - got a nagging accounting question that you've always wanted resolved?

Go ahead and Ask an Expert!

Going Solo Leeds - 30% off

Ask an Expert

We're sponsoring this year's Going Solo conference in Leeds on 12 Sep 08.

It's organized by the irrepressible Stephanie Booth and promises to offer a wealth of information about setting up and managing your freelance business.


The day's programme includes talks on marketing yourself, tax and finance, setting and negotiating rates and staying organised.

We reckon it's invaluable stuff for any freelancer, and we're able to offer a 30% discount on the normal rate of £220 to the first five of you who get in touch.

You can also stop by and chat to us about FreeAgent while you're there...

Invoice Traffic Lights

With the latest release - 'Pouilly-Fumé' - we now display little traffic lights on the invoice lists, so you can get an at-a-glance view of their status.

  • Draft (grey)
  • Open (amber)
  • Overdue (red)
  • Paid (green)

More Email Macros

We've also added support for more invoice email 'macros' - little bits of text that get converted into the real thing when the email is sent.

In addition to the existing [paypal_payment_link] macro you can now use [reference], [invoice_date], [due_date] and [amount_due] in your emails to represent those bits of invoice info.

Each of those items is formatted according to your normal currency and date settings.

It means you'll spend less time changing the wording of your invoice emails, and you don't need to stick with generic text if you use automatically-emailed invoices.

Coming Soon...

We are nearly finished with two larger improvements, which you should see in the next release 'Anjou' at the beginning of September

  • Uploading Expense Receipts - so you can upload a scanned copy of your receipts to FreeAgent
  • UK VAT Period Locking - much requested by our accountant friends, to help you ensure your VAT Returns stay consistent once you've sent them.

The Little Stuff

  • UK Accounts: We added 'Childcare Vouchers' as a new expense or explanation category.
  • We improved our handling of Alliance and Leicester bank uploads.
  • We fixed an issue with client names not appearing on invoices.
  • General speed improvements, by improving the efficiency of accessing our database.

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