FreeAgent Update - Release Ricotta

Some small but welcome improvements to FreeAgent this week.

This is Release 'Ricotta' and, yes, we are finally running out of cheese names. Luckily 2008 will bring a flowering of exciting new features and a new naming scheme I won't spoil the surprise by revealing.

Overview Screen: Invoice Timeline

We've added helpful balloons which appear when you hover your mouse over the timeline bars, telling you which invoices go to make up the total bar.

Overview Screen: Tax Timeline

As promised last week, PAYE payments (if you run your own payroll for yourself) and your personal income tax liabilities are now included in the Tax Timeline.

Do note that your income tax due figure will not necessarily be the amount you owe at the end of January - you may have made payments on account from the previous year and have to do so for next year as well. We're getting round to taking those into account soon.

Timeslips and Project Tasks

We're improving the way we handle 'Tasks' to allow Projects to be broken down into smaller chunks. The first step is this week's changes to the Timeslips screens to manage Tasks for each Project. Next we'll add the ability to assign budgets to individual tasks, so that you can monitor progress but also create estimates which magically turn into invoices when the work is done. Sweet.

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